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September 23, 2004

Anarchy; Then .NET Pub Clubbing

Today was especially hectic. In true small company fashion, I had four of my consultants at my house this morning. Steve and Eddy were in my office on a conference call with one client. Peter was setting up his laptop at my dining room table in preparation to start an engagement with a second client. John was up in my entertainment room on the second floor working on a third client. Me, I was running back and forth in between rooms trying to keep everything coordinated and moving forward. Thank God for wireless networks.

After the morning festivities, everybody went to lunch. Steve, Eddy and John then headed to the MSDN event at the Theatre in Waterford Lakes. It was being run by Russ Fustino of Russ' Toolshed fame. I heard it was a great presentation. I couldn't go because I had a date with my endocrinologist (fighting Diabetes...yuck). After the official event, though, everybody gathered at Smoky Bones for a .NET Pub Club event. It was a good time; Gave us a chance to relax and shoot the shit for awhile. I also continued my search for the ultimage C# Windows Forms .NET developer to join my team. Got a few promising leads.

I made it home just in time for the season premiers of CSI and Without a Trace. Hopefully Steve rolled tape on Survivor for me (gotta love cheesy dramatic reality tv).

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on the need for the TV shows - a TiVo with DirecTV is the best!! It comes with a dual tuner letting you record two shows at once or watch one and record two etc.. It's so choice. :-)

Posted by: Jugdish | Sep 29, 2004 11:45:25 AM

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