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September 19, 2004

No sod for you!

Today, I embarked on a quest that violates my labor rule. I began the process of re-sodding my lawn. As a little background, a good portion of my lawn was killed off a few months ago when I took my family on a two week cruise to Hawaii and accidentally left the sprinkler system timer off. I had a nice conversation with my landscaper about that, but let's not get off topic. As I was saying, I typically follow the rule that if I can get a job done by someone else for cheaper than it would cost me to do it (at my hourly rate), then I outsource it. I'm not the handyman type, so a cost-effectiveness outsourcing arrangement isn't that hard to find.

Needless to say, I am hopelessly inept at gardening or landscaping of any sort, so at best I provided entertainment for my neighbors and other passers by, and at worst I spent an hour and a half doing a severe hack job on a 15x15 foot patch of grass in my front lawn. Only about 50 more sections to go. To top it off, the landscaping nursery closed at 3:00pm today (when's the last time you saw a retail business that kept those hours?), so I couldn't even buy a pallet of sod to cover my dirt pile.

My devious employer side tells me that I should just have a "Re-sod the boss' lawn" team building exercise. To my employees, don't worry. Even I wouldn't stoop that low. Regardless, that would also spoil the "quality family time" that is the only positive outcome of this debacle (and the reason why I decided to break my labor rule in the first place). Well, I also got a couple of shovels and a wheelbarrow out of the deal. I could have been out of this mess for $1500 and a six pack of sodas (I always provide drinks to anyone who comes to work at the house). I'm definitely going to sleep well on Sunday nights for awhile.

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Phew!!! I thought our meetings were gonna get interesting! I hate yard work, perhaps because I was forced to do it growing up. While my friends were at the beach I was avoiding snakes and mowing the lawn!

Posted by: Eddy | Sep 19, 2004 10:27:05 PM

haha, that reminds me of yesterday. I get home yesterday in the afternoon and me and my wife are like, "why don't we see if my mom will watch the kids so we can catch a movie". So we head over to their house only to find that they've undertaken a DIY stucco project.


of course, I had to help ;-) at least you weren't applying stucco

Posted by: Joel Martinez | Sep 20, 2004 10:38:40 AM

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