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February 27, 2006

Don't lose your files

My friend Chris Delmar is fond of saying, "There are only two kinds of computer users. Those who have lost data and those who will." I fall into the prior category as do most people. The worst hit I took was last August. I was working. Then I was blue screening. Then I was not booting. My hard drive was all kinds of dead. Yeah I could of had all the data back for just $1800.00. I don't think so.

My actual work for my job was fine. We use SourceGear Vault and we use it religiously so no data was lost there. My personal files including several development experiments and presentations were another story. That would be the story where they were kidnapped by my dead hard drive and held hostage by the data recovery people. I don't ever want that to happen again -ever.

Here's an inexpensive solution. http://www.ntius.com/default.asp?p=shadow/shadow_main It lets you backup selected folders to another drive including thumb drives. It can automatically backup every time you save to one of your specified folders or you can setup a back schedule. It will also do file versioning. It can filter what kinds of files are backed up but they are preset – no custom file filters. Anyway this is a cheap backup solution. I bought a 1GB Thumb drive at Staples last week for $40.00. This product is 30.00. Not bad for the cheap seats.

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