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February 14, 2006

Jack Bauer - .Net Programmer

  1. When JACK BAUER tries to capture terrorists he always catches and when they make him mad he goes straight to finally.

  2. JACK BAUER fully implements the IDisposable interface.

  3. JACK BAUER prefers C# to Visual Basic. JACK BAUER is very comfortable around sharp objects.

  4. To JACK BAUER remoting means detonating C4 from an distance.

  5. IF JACK BAUER decides to do something there is no else.

  6. JACK BAUER has been to DLL hell and laughed.

  7. JACK BAUER has limited debugging skills. The only technique he knows is how to set a break point.

  8. To JACK BAUER late binding means duct taping a terrorist hands after he has beaten a confession out of him

  9. JACK BAUER never uses delegates.

  10. JACK BAUER always uses a radio button collection to display a finite list of options. JACK BAUER drops down for no man.

  11. JACK BAUER hates DLLs. All of his applications are executables.

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