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June 30, 2006

Chasing Microsoft

So Microsoft has pushed off the date of the Office 2007 Release to the end of the year. Is anyone surprised. Show of hand please?

I think we all need to ease up just a bit. Sometimes I think we are all acting like hungry children waiting for next plate of food.

We accuse Microsoft of releasing major dot zero releases where there is little innovation over the previous version but when they do try to do something new, something that could make the product easier for all of us, we complain that it is taking too long.

We demand release dates. As soon as we get sniff of a new product coming out of Redmond we are on them like white on rice to commit to a release date. When We get one we don't believe it anyway. What's the point in that?

We love to bash Microsoft for pushing back release dates while at the same demanding new an innovative features that take time to develop and debug.

Lets cut Microsoft some slack. Let them get the product right and then give to us. That way they won't rush it out the door and we don't have start complaining that the first service pack is due out only a month after the release.

If you really need something to complain about add up your taxes from last year (Federal, State, unemployment (if you pay it), gas taxes at the pump & sales taxes). What percentage of your gross is it?

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